Care For Environment

‘Grow Forest and Protect Earth, Protect the Environment and Let the nation survive’, we hear such slogans and Guruji’s words reflect what he speaks as he is a lover of nature and takes keen interest in protecting it. Man is destroying forests at a rapid rate and Guruji being self inspired and with the cooperation from the forest department has distributed over three lakh saplings to the public. Environment does not expect anything from us, but it is our bounden duty to protect mother nature.

The leftover food from dasoha is used to make compost and the daily food waste and rotten vegetables and other bio-degradable waste is dumped in 20’ deep wells and compost manure is ready for use in gardens and also for agriculture. The Hukkeri math has banned plastics and are promoting people to use paper and cotton bags for daily usage.

The pontiff works for many other social causes and it is his dream of having a plastic free nation, and polythene and single use plastic is banned on the mutt premises and its boundaries. Swamiji promotes eco-friendly bags, gifts, shields and trophies etc.