Social Causes

On Feb 23, 2003 Sh. Chandrashekhar Shivacharya Mahaswamiji started Shri Gurushanteshwara Jana Kalyana Prathisthana (Regd) and conducted various programs under this body like giving education, and providing proper nutrition to the deprived people of the state. It is commendable, the way the achievers in various fields are recognised and invited to Hukkeri and they are felicitated and blessed so that they become useful to society. Social reformers, teachers, artists, musicians and politicians are honoured. The 97-year-old Dr.Puttaraj Gawai was honoured on his birthday in the hospital itself.

Regular health check up camps are arranged for the common people and the message of “Health is Wealth”, is given to them. There are also programs to arrange marriages of disabled people under Shri G. S. Kalyana Prathisthana.


Sh. Chandrashekhar Shivacharya Mahaswamiji, has extensively travelled in over 500 villages in the districts of Belagavi, Dharwad and Haveri districts of north Karnataka to conduct programs on social awakening, and later he founded a group, ‘Sadhana Kirana’, which works for the youth. From 1993-96 many programs were organised and Guruji talks of ridding old superstitions and bad practices that have made inroads in society.

His major contribution is to root out ‘Devadasi system’, which is a bane in our country, and he arranges programs and delivers talks to them. He spoke to such women and told them that “God lives where women are respected”. He is a reformer striving for social change, and because of his untiring efforts, a drastic change has been brought about in 165 villages.


Swamiji participates in important programs like Kanaka jayanthi and Valmiki jayanthi and is of the firm belief that sages should not be confined to any one particular religion and they belong to the entire nation and humanity at large.

He also organises special seminars for farmers as how they can retain the fertility of the soil which is barren with changed cultivation influences and suggests them to go organic farming. His love for environment is abundant and Sh. Chandrashekhar Swamiji distributed one lakh saplings with the cooperation of the forest department.


Guruji has special concern for handicapped persons in society and on the days of major festivals he distributes milk and fruits to the blind and needy children . In terms of rational thinking and awakening society he is far ahead of his peers. When Veershaiva Mahasabha called him to join and support Anna Hazare, he participated actively.

Guruji celebrated Shri Jagadguru Renukacharya Jayanthi in 2008 in a special way and on the occasion of Shri Guru Shanteshwara Jana Kalyana Prathisthana he distributed milk, food, fruits to beggars, orphans, widows, shelter less, old and blind people.

1st National Harmony Camp Under National Service Scheme (NSS) The first ever national harmony camp under National Service Scheme (NSS) was organised by Swamiji jointly with Karnataka Sanskrit University, Shri Guru Shanteshwara (SGS) Jana Kalyana Prathisthana (R) and Saveda Sanskrit College (SGS).


The program was presided by Guruji and was inaugurated by the then MP of Chikkodi Lok Sabha constituency. The VC of Karnataka Sanskrit University Prof. Padmashekhar chaired the occasion and more than 200 NSS candidates from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat participated in the camp. The theme of the camp laid stress on uniting in spite of all obstacles, caste, creed, language, colour, boundaries and culture. The camp was organised for seven days and the participants of the respective states performed dance, music and depicted the culture of their states.