Educational Institutions

The real asset of any country are its educated citizens, and a healthy mind and a healthy body complement each other and education refines and makes a person more cultured and civilized. And under the Mahaswamiji’s guidance many educational institutions have been established.

In the year 2006, Shri Guru Shanteshwara High School (SGSHS) established and presently 500-600 students get education.

Shankarlinga Shivacharya Music School

This music school spreads light to the world and light should glow brightly every moment and this light is the source for universal actions and this is considered as the light in Siddhantha Shikhamani and Mahalinga glows himself. Music is the most ancient of arts and is the best medium of expression of one’s feelings and sentiments. Swamiji has fully grasped the omnipresence of music and started the Shri Shankarlinga Music School on June 1st, 2001.Students who pass ‘visharda’ and ‘Sangeetha Ratna’ examination in this school get the eligibility to become primary and high school music teachers and this has come as a boon to the people of north Karnataka.


Sh. Chandrashekhar Shivacharya Mahaswamiji fully grasped the importance of education and is the need of the hour and hence Gurukul was started in the Srimatha and good quality education is imparted to the pupils. The Gurukul was usually away from villages and towns. The roots of development at the present moment when observed delicately are found to be of Vedic times. These Gurukuls are the roots of the maths and Sanskrit language has got priority in Indian tradition since ancient times.

Shri Virupakshalinga Shivacharya Sanskrit And Veda School

It is to be noted that the mother of all Indian languages is Sanskrit and in today’s modern times it is disappearing from our culture. Guruji started Shri Virupakshalinga Shivacharya Sanskrit and Veda patshale in the year 2007-08 in the name of the 58th pontiff of the Shrimutt and here Sanskrit prathama, kaavya, Veershaiva Veda pratham classes are conducted.

Vidwan Shri. Sampath Kumariah Hiremath Shastri works as the Head Master of the school and the Shree math does not charge any admission or boarding fees from the students seeking admission to the school. It provides free education on the Gurukul model and Vedas, Agama, Upanishads, Siddhanta Shikhamani and life stories of Panchacharya and Nijaguna Shivayogi are taught. Every year nearly 100 students receive education and Guruji has started Shri Guru Shanteshwar Saveda Sanskrit College.

Shri Guru Shanteshwar Saveda Sanskrit College

The school has recognition from Karnataka Sanskrit University during the year 2014-15. During the occasion of the inauguration of the college Shri Veerbhadra Shivayogi Shivacharya of Katkol M. Chandargi presided over the function. Shri Chandrashekhar Shivacharya , Srinivasa Varakhedi and the Vice Chancellor of VTU Dr. H. Maheshappa also participated.

The youth should imbibe good thoughts and be optimistic about reaching their goals and should develop a strong mind with a strong body and good nutritious food and regular exercise a must. And youngsters who maintain good health can contribute better to society and meaningful contribution to the profession they are in.

Dr. Sa. Ja. Na. Library
Dr. S.G. Nagalotimath was a scientist and a sharana and had admirers across society. He loved and respected Guruji and donated his thousands of books to the Shrimatha, and they are worth lakhs of rupees. The collection is named as “Dr. Sa. Na. Library’’ and was inaugurated on November 10, 2015 by Kashi peeths Jnana Simhasanadheeshwara Sri Sri Sri 1008 Jagadguru Dr. Chandrashekhar Shivacharya Bhagwadpadaru. The library has books on science, religion, culture, arts, epics and books on many other subjects.