Cultural Activities

Hukkeri Math And Dasara Utsav The 59th Pontiff introduced the rich cultural Dasara utsav in Hukkeri, the inspiration came from his early days of education in Mysore. The joy of celebrating Dasara was also brought to this region and the celebration of the festival is done in a grand way.

Yuva Dasara The present generation is influenced by western culture and because of this they have lost their inner strength. Guruji sponsors some seminars for youth and teaches them to develop their own personality; young achievers are felicitated and they are also encouraged to follow morals and live as good citizens in society.

Women Dasara: The festival is worship of woman power and our society is male dominated and women are punished for blind beliefs, sinful rituals, dowry harassment, and women are burnt and insulted. To stop such evil practices, awareness programs are conducted and the entire idea is to make women aware of their rights and to awaken them. Women from all walks of life are felicitated during the occasion.


Agriculture Dasara: Agriculture is the backbone of the country and our economy has a huge impact on agriculture and the farmers are dependent on it. Because of extensive use of chemicals, fertilizers and low quality seeds, lands become barren, yields decrease, and the good quality crops are reduced. Guruji sponsors many lectures on organic farming and he also conducts exhibitions and Swamiji awards those who excel in farming.

Children Dasara: Children are the real asset of any country and will grow into responsible citizens in the future, their hidden talents are recognized and are awarded for the same.

Educational Dasara: Education is a must for everyone and one can grow in life through it. It’s the responsibility of every citizen in having an educated society and bringing awareness about education.


Unity Dasara: Today our people have forgotten about unity, community, motherland, language, culture, patriotism and such good thoughts have disappeared from their daily lives and we believe in biodiversity.

Philosophical Dasara: Mankind has forgotten about the root cause of his birth on earth and has to come out of the circle of life called as karma, and for this spiritual practice is needed and self-realisation has been shown by sages, saints and siddhas.

Rural Dasara: Modernisation has killed village culture and the beauty of rural areas has to be retained. Guruji has taken up the challenge for restoration of our age old customs and values.

Folk Dasara: Folk art is observed and practiced, and it is either in folklore, literature, art, drama, dance and such talents are exhibited. And the talented artists are spotted and honoured with awards and recognition in this program.

Literary Dasara: Kannada literature has a vast expanse and extraordinary achievers are invited and they deliver lectures. Distinguished writers are honoured on ‘Vijaydashmi’ day. During ‘Navratri’, recitation of Devipurana is arranged and Dasara is celebrated with harmony by people from all walks of life.