The New Structure At Hukkeri Hiremath

The New Structure At Hukkeri Hiremath

The present Guruji is the 59th Peethadipati and is active, religious, spiritual, blessed with a keen sense of observation and intellect. The math has come a long way and has been reconstructed better suited to modern times. At the entrance the statue of Sh. Renukachary is seen and on both sides of the main entrance, (welcome the devotees). On the left side is the prasada nilaya, four imposing cement pillars can be seen and two elephant figures are seen on both the sides. The main entrance door is beautifully carved in teak wood and enhances the glory. The main big hall welcomes with Shri Gurushanteshwar idol and in front of it lies the Nandi bull and on the right side of the main hall the founder of Veerashaiva religion Jagadguru Renukacharya divine idol can be seen and to the left lies Aadishakti Shri Annapurna idol is seen and in front of it lies the Shri Chakra. Shri Chandrashekhar Swamiji’s Gurus, Shri Shankarlinga Shivacharya and Shri Virupaxling Shivacharya idols are placed on the right hand side.

On entering the meeting hall it resembles the ‘Durbar Hall’ of Mysore palace and the math has been built keeping in mind the aesthetic sense. The hall is built systematically and is used during the Dasara festivities. There are chairs on opposite sides and on Vijayadashmi day, scholars, dignitaries, village heads, devotees are blessed by the pontiff.

The compound wall is covered by the math and beneath the math Shri Jagadguru Veersomeshwar holy hall is constructed. Gurukul model of education is given to Jangamaru and a three storied building where the disciples stay.

To the South West of Shri Math an idol of Kalabhairav has been reinstalled and he is the Kshetrapalak (area Protector), statues of Naglinga and Karemmadevi statues are also placed. Every month on Asthami (on the eight day) people light lamp in a pumpkin to get rid of loan menace and financial stress and poverty.

Every year a fair is organised by the math and during Dasara festivities are held in great grandeur and a chariot (car festival) is pulled by the devotees. Every day during the Navaratris, in the night, the Shayanotsava of Shri GuruShanteshwara is performed. The idol is put in the cradle and each morning the Shree idol is awakened with suprabhat (devotional songs) and this custom is strictly followed in the math.

Hukkeri Hiremath has a branch in Belagavi city at Laxmitekdi in Ganeshpur area and Shri Sha.Bra. Chandrashekhar Shivacharya Swamiji organises social, cultural and religious programs in the math.

In 2014 Shaneshwar Yagya (pooja ) was conducted and the famous Astrology scholar from Bengaluru Shri Ravishankar Guruji, Naganur Maths Shri Shivabsav Mahaswamiji and Shri Karanji math Shrigalu of Belagavi along with Mugalkhod Dr. Murugharajendra Guruji and many other religious heads attended the same.